About  Us



G Request Entertainment is an Irish media production company, founded in 2005. The company trade mark is called The G Request Show Dublin based variety Talk Show that airs weekly on SKY TV and is led by our Host, Chris Onos and Director, Hannah Rochford.

 Our main aim is to provide entertaining, empowering and educational content to our viewers.

 Unlike most shows on Irish television we attract a large variety of diverse and multicultural guests from different walks of life, each of whom has their own unique perspective and provides our viewers with amazing insights into their lives.

 The idea for the show originated in Tramore, Co. Waterford. In 2005 we decided to set up a community based program in response to the lack of social activities at the time. Our first initiative was to bring together different cultures through music, which furthermore helped to enhance the interests of talented individuals, by discovering a common ground for those who were looking to be inspired by their work.


Our creative production team are constantly coming up with original ideas for new segments both during the show and for our ever expanding social media presence.


 To date, we have achieved our main aim, to be able to broadcast our program on the Sky platform and also, to set up residence in our own production studio. Which includes, a live studio audience, production equipment and professional men and women specifically trained in the field of television production.


Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of The G Request Show and some of our potential guest to be on the show. If you’re under 18, you must have a parent or guardian fill out the form. If you would like be or willing to appear on the show, please send us your story. Sending us an e-mail is your consent but the material may be used on the show .

The G Request Show is a renowned life strategist that creates its own unique platform to benefit everyone. As the host of his own show, he continues to offer his unique style of entertainment by tell-it-like-it-is brand new full of varieties range of topics.

You might receive a call from one of our show producers inviting you to share your story on our shows with a live audience, and you might be asked to join us in the studio to speak face-to-face with Our host . Unfortunately, due to the volume of letters we receive, we are not able to respond personally to every e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!