27 years old French Dance Coach, founder of Kareen SK Vybz (Dance With Me)

Kareen is an international dancer, and passion for the moves, from street, to studio, she provide weekly dance classes in county Cork ( Cork, Mallow and Ballincollig) which including an Afro Caribbean workshops.

The french national was delighted to have created With Me saw the light 3 years ago, inside Apple company and Cork city! she like Zumba, just we we tone up, burn calories, have fun dancing on MOVING beats and own the dance-floor through short routines! Health, passion, positive energy release, fun, and self confidence growth of daily motives, and she is committed in making those physical and interpersonal skills reachable through dancing in her sessions.

She has classes that is adoptable to all age level from 7 to 60 years old, for more please check her page https://www.facebook.com/kareen.salcede